Madison Receives ‘Best Theme’ Award for 4th of July Float

Celebrating Independence Day as a Community

On Tuesday morning, the streets of Rexburg were lined with families and friends in celebration of America and Rexburg’s 88th annual Independence Day parade. Madison Memorial Hospital’s 4th of July float glistened with shimmering stars, waves of red, white and blue, and a giant bald eagle. The bald eagle was selected as a symbol for the nation in 1782 and is a fitting symbol for Madison Memorial as it represents the strength and long life the hospital strives to provide for community members. In the parade, Madison’s float was awarded “Best Theme.” Over 90 floats participated in the parade, each celebrating the community and country in their own way. Following the parade, Rexburg’s Celebration in the Park provided many festivities for community members at Porter Park. Madison Memorial Hospital appreciates being part of such a patriotic and united community.

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Stay Hydrated

Water is the one nutrient which your body doesn’t store.

Summer Hydration

Summer is here and so is the heat! Due to the fact that our bodies are made up of about 60% water, staying hydrated is crucial.

“Summer is a particularly risky time, we lose a lot of water through our skin and through our respirations,” said Merri A. Bowler, Madison Diabetes Education Coordinator. “We just need to be extra diligent to make sure that we are drinking enough.”

Over the past two years, on average, Madison Memorial Hospital has received about ten cases of dehydration per month.

Summer heat increases the risk of dehydration, this is a concern as everyone tends to become more involved in activities during the warmer months.

If an individual gets dehydrated then they may become nauseated, very confused and have significant problems. It is also important to ensure children have access to water because they are more susceptible to dehydration.

Improving Water Drinking Habits

In order to stay hydrated throughout the day, it is a good idea to carry around a water bottle. Reusable bottles can be refilled multiple times and at the same time are more transportable than cups or glasses.

Madison Dietitian, Susan Clark, is a big believer in water bottles.

“If you have a 24-ounce bottle or something like that at your desk or with you all the time it’s easier,” said Clark. “I know I drink a lot more that way than if I just get a few ounces in a cup every few hours.”

One effective way to increase the drinking of water is to add flavorings.

“If you don’t like water then you can put some lemon flavor, lime flavor in it and that too to make it a little more drinkable,” Bowler recommended.

Water Benefits Proper Body Functions

Water is important for the proper function of:

  • body temperature
  • the bowels
  • the gastrointestinal tract
  • the kidneys
  • the liver
  • the skin
  • the urinal tract

Drinking water also helps muscles to be energized therefore it is very important to hydrate before and during exercise activities. Sweating causes those working out to lose fluids which need to be replaced through drinking water.

Drinking water helps to maintain the balance of our bodies’ fluids. WebMD suggests six reasons to drink water here.

Water helps with cognitive function or in other words thinking.

“Water helps our whole body work better, it keeps the organs functioning well especially like the kidneys,” said Bowler.

Water Benefits Physical Appearance

Drinking water is a strategy many dieters have used to help with weight loss and controlling calories. Foods which are water-rich are absorbed more slowly by the body and help you to feel full. A few examples of water-rich foods are:

  • beans
  • fruits
  • oatmeal
  • soups with broth
  • vegetables

Proper hydration helps the skin to keep moisture in because the skin contains water and helps fluid loss to not be excessive through prevention.

Water provides good hydration for most people and is all that most need unless if exercising at a high intensity for an extended period of time, then sports drinks may help provide electrolytes, according to While they may provide electrolytes it is important to be cautious with consumption due to high sugar content.

Sugar-filled Drinks

Drinks containing high amounts of sugar are not as beneficial for proper health.

“A little bit is okay. Things like Powerade, Gatorade, you know like your sports drinks, they have a lot of electrolytes so those are really good if you’re in a hot environment sweating a lot of your sodium out because there’s a lot of sodium in sweat,” Clark said. “For most people, water is sufficient.”

For most people, it is not necessary to drink beverages other than water.

Water and Diabetes

“If you are well hydrated then you eat less,” said Bowler.

Drinking water helps with feeling full. Often times feelings of hunger are actually indicators of thirst.

“Sometimes we are really thirsty when we think we are hungry and so it helps with that but it’s just a good thing to drink so that you don’t have added sugars and caffeine,” Bowler said. “It’s really important for people with diabetes to stay well hydrated also it really helps the body handle the sugar better.”

Water is important and so are you. It’s time to take a sip and get refreshed!

Further dietary counseling information can be found at Madison Education Department.

Madison Education Department

35 N 1st E, Rexburg, ID 83440


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Rexburg Rocks

Have you seen colorful rocks around random Rexburg locations?

Rexburg Rocks is a trend to help motivate people to explore the city and enjoy visiting places. A variety of rocks are hidden all over Rexburg for your pleasure. Even Madison Memorial Hospital has a few rocks hidden outside of its hospital.

Anyone can join in the fun and go searching for Rexburg rocks. It’s a particularly fun activity for children to go on a hunt and even make their own colorful rocks to hide around Rexburg locations. Just be sure to avoid placing them in dangerous locations (such as in the grass where a lawnmower may hit it).

Rocks can usually be found near pathways where they could easily be seen such as flower beds.

You can look at the facebook page dedicated to #RexburgRocks titled “Rexburg Rocks!” to see or post a picture of your own Rexburg rocks.




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STOP Bullying!

Support a Healthy Environment for All

75% of employees experience or witness bullying at work. Bullying happens everywhere… on phones, in homes, at work, and at schools.

Bullying is health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons by one or more perpetrators. Understand more why bullying is bad, where bullying occurs, and most importantly how you can stop bullying.

A Toxic Environment

Bullying creates a toxic environment where healthy behavior is discouraged. Those who get bullied often feel anxious, dreading to go to work, school, or even home because of the potential threat of random attacks from someone they know, whether it is hurtful words, loud yelling, inappropriate pranks, or physical aggression.

We all can become bullies if we don’t watch ourselves. Ask yourself, “Is my treatment toward this person helping them or harming them?” A bully enjoys tormenting others. Do you? If so, recognize that this is not okay. Stop.

Everyone should be treated with respect.

There are reasons that children, and adults, don’t report bullying. Reasons for this include:

  • Feelings of weakness
  • Being called a “snitch”
  • Stiff retribution from the bully
  • People disregarding signs of abuse
  • Supporting the bully’s negative behavior
  • The bully is in a position of authority

Internet Bullying

Be careful about what you post online, and teach others to do the same. The internet is a place where people often feel safe to say things they would never say in person. Many sites allow people to message each other anonymously, and this has increased internet trolling.

92% of teenagers go online every day which increases the chances for internet bullying. Generally, teenagers do not have the emotional capacity to deal with severe bullying, so their social media activity should be openly discussed with parents.

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Workplace Bullying

If you have ever watched “the Office” television show, you probably have seen Jim prank Dwight, and sometimes Dwight sabotages Jim. In the very first episode, Dwight opens his drawer to find his stapler encased in jiggly green jello. While it seems funny, in real life, Jim’s behavior would be considered bullying because he is causing work interference.

Bullying is four times more common than any other type of workplace harassment. It is abusive if

  • threatening
  • humiliating
  • intimidating
  • sabotaging work
  • verbal abuse (yelling, hurtful comments, and ignoring).

Establishing a Safe Haven

Children and adults should never dread living in their own home because of a bully in the family. Your home should be a place of safety,  not fear, but even if your home is bully-free, parents should still openly communicate with their children. Encourage them to talk and ask them questions about how they are doing.

Parents can make a big difference to their children. “Research tells us that children really do look to parents and caregivers for advice and help on making tough decisions. Sometimes 15 minutes a day talking can reassure kids that they can talk to their parents if they have a problem” (

Stop Bullying

Stop bullying by addressing bully behavior head on with a simple, direct “stop. This is not okay.” Record documentation of abuse and what you have been doing to address the problem. If bullying continues, speak with a superior or with Human Resources.

As a community, we should all remember that bullying is not acceptable behavior. Discourage this behavior by teaching our family and peers to love and support one another through our example and open dialogue.

To schedule a presentation against workplace bullying for your business, call Madison Cares, or for more helpful resources visit their website at

Phone: 208-359-1256



The Power Behind Relay for Life

Cancer Never Rests, Neither Will We at Relay for Life

Cancer. It’s a word that we often see in medical pamphlets and often hear in whispers. We know it’s a disease that’s not to be messed with, but we’re always glad when it hasn’t messed with us. How would we act, however, if we knew the National Cancer Institute’s conservative statistic that approximately 38.5% of individuals will develop a form of cancer in their lifetime? Cancer doesn’t care who you are, it will affect you and those around you, and at one point or another, it will affect us all.

One individual who has experienced the affects of cancer in her life is Lisa Marie, and she’s not too different from any one of us. She’s from Idaho, works in the community, is a mother of three and loves to garden and read. The difference is that two of her three children are cancer survivors. Diagnosed at the ages of five and eight, her two daughters have undergone surgery and years of chemotherapy and treatment, but we’re glad to say that the youngest daughter will undergo her last leukemia treatment this upcoming week.

When Lisa Marie talks about this trial and all that her daughters and family have been through, she says that the girls are tough, but that fighting cancer is really “a family affair.” It is the entire family, not just the individual, that is fighting for life against this disease. And in the end it isn’t just the family that is critical in the fight, but friends and community members as well. Fighting cancer is a team effort, and it requires everyone to win.

That is the idea behind the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a community fundraising event happening June 23rd at the Madison Jr. High track and everyone is invited to attend. For six hours, individuals and teams of families, friends and community members will gather together to remember those we have lost and to recognize and celebrate those who are currently affected by cancer, cancer survivors and their families.

Throughout the event, individuals will walk the track to signify that cancer never stops and neither do cancer patients and their families in the fight against it. There are many individuals in our area who have been affected by cancer, but we shouldn’t wait to be affected by it to participate in this event. In the words of Lisa Marie, if you haven’t been impacted by cancer, you should “relay to keep it that way.”

You are invited to the Rexburg Relay for Life June 23rd from 6pm-12am. Be the family, friend or community member to strengthen those affected by cancer. For more information about Relay for Life, to donate or to create a team for the event, visit the site Confirm  your attendance, and invite your friends through the Facebook event page Rexburg Relay for Life.

While you can form a team to help fundraise and to share a campsite with at the event, individuals and families are welcome to come to the event without being on a team to participate in activities, get dinner and enjoy free entertainment. Participate in Rexburg Relay for Life to fight back against cancer in our community, celebrate life and to be the family, friend and support our community needs.

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