University of Utah Madison Collaboration

Madison Collaborates for Top Results

Madison Collaborates for Top Results

Dec. 17th, 2013 – Administrative teams from Madison and the University of Utah formalized collaboration alliances for better Health Care at Madison Memorial Hospital. The experience was remarkable as each CEO made plans to work together as organizations for better patient results.

 University of Utah Medical Center is the Intermountain West’s only academic healthcare system. As healthcare continues to change at unprecedented rates. This team of CEO’s and their organizations will innovate and learn together to improve results for our patients. Patients will also have access to equipment and specialty care at better times,


places, with the right information.

 As Channel 6 stated in their coverage of our event – It all comes down to economics. An economist would call this supply and demand. A hospital administrator would call this critical mass of patients. It basically means that you won’t find a regional burn unit in Driggs, or a level-1 trauma center in Arco anytime soon.

 The Value Model: The Best Quality – The Best Service – The Best Price, is just one of the many projects we are working with U of U in a learning environment for better patient care delivery.

 Imagine you have a rare life threatening condition. Your family doctor may have never dealt with this. You are referred to a specialist in Idaho Falls, who refers you to another specialist in Salt Lake. Would you prefer that these doctors collaborate as a team for the best results with many of the best resources available in the Intermountain West? Formalizing collaboration efforts is the start of this transformation. This will give patients access to specialized care that can be treated locally.

 Already there are upgrades and plans to enhance access to specialized expertise, treatment, and equipment that are shared with recent technology advancements. Possibilities of continued access to education, training for our employees, and experts in fields that will enhance our treatment plans.

If you have any ideas that you would like to suggest for our collaboration efforts, please complete the form below. Each suggestion will be referred to our administration team.

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Bryan’s insight Life is Fragile

Life is Fragile –

The Biopsy came back negative for cancer! Say what?! The surgeon was confounded and the pathologists said “nothing is abnormal.” The Surgeon also said it looked like normal bone. At this point all the doctors with me being in great health thought it was just some funky growth and I was a part of the lucky 5% in the world that gets away with weird things happening to them… read more of Bryan’s story by clicking on this passage

Our dear friend and cancer patient Bryan has great courage and strength! Today he worked, this weekend he will finish all of his finals, and Monday he will be back for his 3rd round of Chemotherapy. Next semester he will dedicate his time to surviving. He also continues his blog and recognizes how fragile life is. Then reflects on his beliefs, and gives insight… it is more important to love a person than it is to judge them, regardless of what they do. He then gives further insight that our job in this life is to simply get through this mortal experience the best way we can.

Bryan is not alone here at our hospital. Listen to his insights and love someone more during this beautiful time of year filled with festivities and friends, feasts and family. There may be someone needing your compassion. We have patients that have just received surgery, have cancer, or have another infirmity that may receive strength from your action. Keep up the courage Bryan! As your healthcare family, we will do everything that we can to help you survive so your reflections on life are pulled from a vast reservoir of life’s experience. Thanks for sharing!
Bryan's 2

Prepared by Lucas Handy

Bryan Larson

Bryan’s Opportunity

My name is Bryan, I am 23 years old, I am a Healthcare Administration major at BYU-Idaho. I have Ewing’s Sarcoma in my left collar bone. I am a Mormon. I am married to my beautiful wife Maurien just a little over three months ago. For me my life has never been better and that is why I am deciding to write this blog.

Our dear patient, Bryan has started his second treatment of chemotherapy. In the meantime, he has created a blog called as found in the citation above. I like the insight his blog gives me. – I read in a book called “Who moved my Cheese” a certain phrase that is helping me. When you do not fear, you are happy .

Like most young couples, he is from another state here to study at BYUI. He is optimistic about this fight, and hopes to be back to normal soon. Our hearts are filled with compassion towards Bryan and our many other patients that are fighting for their health. We will do our best. We hope that each of you take inspiration from Bryan’s words with your battles and do your best. Bryan, we know that your family lives far from here, but plan on us being there for you… your home away from home and your family away from home. We hope to see you back to your full health in eight months! Follow his blog to receive updates about Bryan.

Bryan Chemotherapy

Prepared by Lucas Handy

Madison Gingerbread Lane - Rexburg Idaho

Gingerbread Lane

Gingerbread Lane

As your community owned non-profit hospital, we want you to be involved in your healthcare. Also, we want you to encourage the good health of those around you. As such, come lighten the hearts of those who are sick this holiday season by participating in Gingerbread Lane. Winning entry receives $100. Let us know when you come if you’d like to donate your gingerbread house to the Foundation.



PLEASE share your IDEAS to help us create a better and more compassionate first class healthcare service for our community.  We appreciate ALL ideas! New ideas that we use will be given a prime rib dinner for two.



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