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Life Saved Close to Home

Cameron Brown FamilyA life saved touches us close to home. Cameron Brown’s wife received CPR while working at Kershaw Elementary in Sugar City. Her life was saved due to the quick response of 7 co-workers. The MMH Education Department recognized these individuals at an assembly held at the school on May 28th. Susan and Heather from Education expressed gratitude for the willingness to step up and quickly respond in a crisis situation. Personalized certificates were presented to each rescuer.

Expanded Services

MMH has expanded laboratory and radiology services to Teton Medical Group/Teton Urgent Care. We are excited for this new expansion. Employees who wish medical assistance at this facility will receive the same discounts on these services as they do here at MMH.

March of Dimes – for Babies

On Saturday, May 31st our NICU staff partnered with EIRMC to sponsor this fundraising event at Snake River Landing in Idaho Falls. Shauna R., Terri W., Kristine D., Karen N., and Robyn B. participated in the event by manning various activities and games. MMH sponsored the lunch and cooked 500 hot dogs.

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Employees of the Quarter

Employee – Janet

“I have never seen Janet refuse to help anyone, in any department. She jumps right in. If she doesn’t know the answer, she doesn’t quit until she finds it out, this is way above and beyond in what I see of many people.”
“Her compassion and love of people is expressed every day in the deeds she does that are seen, and those that no one knows about but her. In all her years here I don’t think she has ever been recognized or thanked for the many contributions she has made to MMH.”

Manager – Kim
“Kim has headed up ‘The Pulse’ and is working hard to get it up and running. She takes initiative to arrange the meetings and make assignments. She cares about information getting to the employees, which is her motivation for ‘The Pulse.’”
“Kim is reliable and honest. You can count on her to do what she commits to.”
“Kim is great at involving others and getting people to participate. This is because she is a team player herself. She encourages others rather than discourages them.”
“Kim cares deeply about her career, the success of the hospital, and the people. She is always respectful of others and is a great example of someone who truly cares.”

Volunteer – Josh
“Josh is an excellent volunteer. He always keeps himself busy trying to help the patients, the nurses, and everyone around him.”
“Josh is the type of person that you don’t have to worry about. He is not going to do anything to hurt the hospital and its reputation. He is the type of volunteer we wish they all could be like.”
“Josh is a great team player and works hard to help everyone get done what is needed”
“We had some great feedback from his services when the administration and director teams have done rounding. There was so much the patients had to say about his caring and respectful service.”

Physician – Dr Bates
“Night or day, he is always pleasant and helpful. He always listens to concerns or problems and follows up.”
“He is always honest and upfront with patients and their families.”
“He always involves staff, makes us all feel equal to him. He is always concerned about others feelings If nurses have concerns about a patient, he listens to them and will always look into it. He never disregards their concern.”
“He treats everyone: staff, patients, and families with respect and caring. When in normal settings (grocery store, downtown, a restaurant) he always goes out of his way to say hi and ask about family events.”
“He always goes the extra mile in all he does. He is happy to help. His calm demeanor makes all those around him happy.”
“He is honest in his dealings and is willing to help and teach.”
“He gets everyone involved and works with them to create learning opportunities.”
“Dr. Bates. . . What more can I say!

The Pulse

Employee Recognition

5 years
Lori H – May 11

10 Years
Melissa S – May 5

25 Years
Lynette B – May 18

30 Years
Janet T – May

New Employees

Stephanie M LDR RN II
Karissa T NICU RN II
Shelbi W MBU RN I
Camille S Case Management Clinical Document Specialist
Dennae H Fiscal Services Apprentice
Kyle R Fiscal Services Apprentice
Adriann W Med/Surg RN I
Katie W Med/Surg RN I
Jeanette B Environ. Serv. Housekeeper
Crystal P Environ. Serv. Housekeeper
Josh N Admitting Admitting Clerk I

Giving Back

Flower SalesMMH employees raised $2,269 for the Teddy Bear Program through our flower sale. These funds allow each child to receive a teddy bear with surgery at Madison Surgery Center or MMH Surgery Department.

Community Health and Wellness Fairmadison community event

MMH & Madison Cares hosted a successful Community Health and Wellness Fair, and had 52 healthcare vendor booths and nearly 800 people attending. As such, we are considering hosting this again next year.

The Pulse

Upcoming Events

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The Forgotten Memorial Day

The Forgotten Memorial Day

William H RobertsThe noise of the hot wind adds to the drone of lawn mowing machines this Memorial Day. For many, today marks the beginning of summer vacations. A day to remember those who have given their lives defending our freedoms. Remember those who sacrificed for us. Many would have loved to live the lives we enjoy. Including awakening to a beautiful sunrise with an invigorated body, blossoming opportunities for work and play, and precious moments we share with family and friends. Nonetheless, their sacrifice denied them of these simple joys. Below are three ideas to help us commemorate this special holiday

1. Become familiar with the rights these soldiers fought and died for, They sacrificed not only at home, but across the globe. Why?  for a more perfect Union, to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. The Constitutional RIghts, and Ammendements to ensure our freedoms are excellent documents to peruse, and understand to awaken the reminder for their sacrifice. Then be enlightened by what we enjoy, and should continue to protect. Some say that our constitution is hanging by threads. A thorough understanding and verbal defense of it may guarantee its survival.

2. Find your own ancestors who sacrificed for our freedoms - New tools have been created to quickly learn of our ancestors (,, and more). I was surprised to find veterans of my own kin in almost every American war, and hope that you may too. It could be a great grandpa, uncle, or a widowed aunt, all sacrificing for the freedoms we enjoy today. Unlike Veteran’s Day, none of those individuals we celebrate are alive. Many died before they were blessed to have children or even marry. Over time, the legacy of their posterity, the adornment of their tombstones, and even recognition of their name is forgotten. For best luck, search for death dates during wars, among great uncles, like Grandma Dorothy’s – Great Uncle William H. Roberts, who died at Fort Donelson during the civil war (image top left).

3. Visit their resting places – Here again, there are tools that will help you find their place of resting. ( Take advantage of your graveyard visits and catch other nearby ancestors… my Grandpa Ken’s grandparents – Caleb Lyons Jr. and his wife Sarah resting in Ashton who sacrificed for the first amendment are my example.  

Some tips and reminders to help you enjoy memorable Memorial Day adventures… Remember almost everything we enjoy today, even our existence is a result of their sacrifices for freedom, and the choices our ancestors have made. Learn what you can about their lives will help you connect with them. Finally, when you visit their resting place, takes some flowers or sing a patriotic song for them. May the forgotten be remembered, and may you enjoy this lovely Memorial Day.

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Madison Health & Wellness Fair

Madison Health & Wellness Fair

Wellness Fair
Madison Health & Wellness Fair
Invite Your Friends!


Biggest Loser May 6th

Get Motivated with the Biggest Loser!

Moses Kinikini      



Save the Date

May 6th @ 10 am

Hospital’s Steiner Room


The Pulse

The Pulse – Madison Hospital’s Rhythm

Foundation Gives Back – Recently the Foundation invested $158,000 to improve the hospital and provide the care we would like to receive ourselves. From helper bars and beds that will allow patients gain a little more independence to additional beds & couches that allow cancer patient’s families to relax, the Foundation has blessed our community with a better hospital. The bars will give patients more control of their lives while saving caregivers back & lifting injuries. Superior palliative with the additional beds and couches will improve the quality of life for patients and their families during life-threatening illness. Early identification, impeccable assessment, and superior treatment with maternal-like care and comfort are crucial for recovery. Furthermore, we believe in providing five star comfort and care to those so close to ending life’s journey. As such, we encourage you to give graciously back to our community through the Foundation. Please consider the Foundation when you want to give back.      

Reliable health information -  Where do I go for reliable, trustworthy health information on the Web?  Made possible by the National Institutes of Health/The National Library of Medicine, offers health information that is easy to understand and can be trusted.  Check it out, spend some time looking at the various features and you will be pleasantly surprised with the user friendly site.  For assistance using the site contact Teresa Murdock ext. 5712 in the Medical Library. She will be happy to help you.

Centralized Scheduling Progress - Physician offices are now able to call into one direct line to schedule services and also have one direct line to fax in documentation.  Central Scheduling has been created to help with patient and physician satisfaction.  The department will be doing the scheduling for Radiology, Respiratory, and IV Infusion Therapy.  Authorizations, insurance, and medical necessity for outpatient services will be verified and communicated back to the patients. Shamae, Rainey, Carlene, Anna-Maria, and Heather bring expertise from their different areas and are very excited to help this department excel in meeting the needs of our physician offices, patients, and hospital staff.  Changes were also made in admissions with the addition of an express desk for faster registration for patients who have already been pre-registered.  Admissions is also entering the different outpatient service orders.   

IT Advances - New filters will help eliminate spam in your email and online searches. Five new computers on wheels are being placed in different departmentsComputer on Wheels that enable immediate log in and out within seconds with the touch of your employee badge, saving staff countless hours annually.  

Administration – Our hospital is growing, upgrading, and advancing. With these changes, we are grateful for each of you that have helped make this progress successful. We have a talented, smart, and capable team. As each of us continues to be fully engaged in our responsibilities, we will grow in our ability to provide exceptional care for all of our patients’ healthcare wants and needs. A focus on helping our community will serve as a higher motivation. Thank you again for each of the small things you do to serve!  



Mary 1 Teddy Bear clinic

May 5-9 Hospital Week

May 8 Heatlh Fair

May 2, 16, 30 Jeans Day

May 31 Pennies by the Inch


Employee Progress

Rhonda D. 15 yrs. service

Paula N. 15 yrs. service

Doug M. & Lucas H. FEMA PIO Certified


Patient’s Choice



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