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Tortilla Time at the Paragon!

Paragon_Final-siteTortillas are a familiar food to most of us. We use them to make tacos, burritos, and many other foods. And while we know that they can be used to make a quick meal, did you know that they themselves are quick and easy to make? We went to our kitchen staff to find out exactly how to make perfect tortillas:

Heat up a pan on the stove. Combine 2 cups of corn flour with 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt, and then blend the mixture with your hands. Mix until the dough doesn’t stick to your hands. If it continues sticking to your hands, add additional flour. Pull dough apart and make 10 dough balls. Take one and flatten it with a tortilla press before putting it in the pan. When the side down becomes golden, flip it over. These tortillas will stay fresh for 3 days.

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to make a traditional meal, sprinkle salt on your tortilla and eat as is.

Watch Here to see tortilla making in action!

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Good Fats Timmy

The Big Fat Truth

There are Good Fats

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and increased your fat consumption to do it? In my case, I just wanted healthier skin and fat helped. There are many bad fats out there, but there are also many good fats.

What are the good fats? The picture above with Timmy has some of them, olive oil and avocados. This article from Harvard will help you understand good fats (

Come enjoy the Good Fats Dietary Nutrition Class this Friday on a lunch date from noon until 12:30 pm in the Madison Hospital Meeting Room with our dietitian Carol.

Madison Memorial Hospital



Food Storage

When disaster strikes, will you be ready? The best way anyone could prepare is by collecting and storing food.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi, leaving thousands without power, water and food. For five whole days after the initial aftermath of the hurricane, many citizens were deprived of their basic human needs. Water was contaminated and food was scarce. Eventually the federal government called for a public health emergency and overtime food and water were distributed. Citizens who needed food were given scarce rations as thousands were in need.

In times such as these, food storage can become a lifesaver for a family. To many food storage may seem impractical or costly, but it is an ultimate necessity for emergency preparedness.

While Idaho may not suffer from hurricanes, the state is still susceptible to wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and many other natural disasters that may not come to mind on first thought.

If a big disaster were to hit Idaho, it could be chaotic. Because of the rural nature of the state not everyone would receive aid and assistance.

Idahoans need to be prepared and the first step in emergency preparedness is to store food. Food storage may seem daunting, but all it takes is adding small things to the shelf each time. As the shelf builds up, more of a variety of food can be added and switched out. Remember small steps can bring about big things.

When building up food storage for emergency preparation, remember that you want to stock up on foods that are protein rich as well as foods that will provide sustainable amounts of calories for energy. It is also vital that you include plenty of water in your storage as well. Cereals and grains are also good foods, but remember to keep wide collection of different foods. If there is a disaster, remember that this is the food that you will be eating.

For more information on food storage for emergency preparedness please attend our free Idaho Preparedness Expo.


10 am – 4pm

Madison High School

2300 University Boulevard, Rexburg, ID 83440



Fire & Smoke Preparedness

The smoke may not be completely gone from the air here in Southern Idaho, but it has certainly cleared up since last week. Once again we can see blue skies without having to squint through the smoke. This is good news not only for the better views but for our health as well. Smokey air can cause health issues. I’m sure most of us were coughing or feeling more lightheaded than usual as we breathed in the smoke. And those with previous breathing problems felt even more side effects.

While the worst seems to be over for now, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for additional smoke. Right now there are still over 50 wildfires burning throughout the U.S., which can be seen at Since most of them are in Washington, Montana, and Idaho, we need to be prepared if smoke or fires come this way. Attending Idaho PREPAREdness Expo on September 19th can give you ideas and tips for how best to prepare. Whether it’s making your home less flammable or gathering needed supplies, this is an event you don’t want to miss. Even if you’re not interested in fire preparedness, there are other presenters dealing with other issues such as edible wild plants, emergency power, food storage, and so much more. Check out the event details at  and


Healthy Choices

At Madison Memorial Hospital we want our patients and our employees to make healthy choices. The foods we eat largely impact the lifestyle we live. Strive to make good healthy choices each and every day! A message to our community and to our staff!

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