Penny Retires


Penny Retires

Honest Hearts Produce Honest Actions depicts the work of our retiring NICU Nurse Penny who has Madison Memorial Penny Retiresworked at Madison for 33 years. She is the oldest of eight children, and enjoys taking care of people. She also loves working with the babies. 

One of her favorite memories is watching parents interact with their new children. Special feelings are shared, and it is fun to witness, and be a part of these sweet memories.

Her recommendations for the continuing healthcare team are the following:

Penny Retires1. Be a Team Player
2. Enjoy what you are doing
3. Enjoy interacting with people

Penny claims that it has been fun, but there comes a time to move on to better things. She plans on fishing, camping, and spending a lot of time with her grandkids. Her husband also hopes to enjoy their golden years together. She will stay busy and is currently hosting her family reunion. As a healthcare team we thank you for your tender, dedicated service. We’d also like to thank all those retired Madison employees that have helped us become the great hospital we are today!

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Remember Our America

 Remember Our America

I appreciate those who have served our country, including my brother and two brother-in-laws who were in the Navy during World War II.  I have a love for America that was ingrained in me from the time I was a young boy.  My father was born in Australia and his family immigrated here as did my maternal grandparents who came from Sweden.  My grandfather, Francis D. Horman walked across the plains of Wyoming to Utah with a company of Utah Pioneers.  Can you believe that I knew my great-aunt, Annie Horman Green who was a little girl in that wagon train?  They came here because America was the land of opportunity.  They came because of the freedoms we enjoy and sometimes  take for granted.  I am truly grateful to live in the United States of USA PatriotismAmerica. May God continue to bless America.

- Fred S.

My heart is so full. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband, children, grandchildren and all my extended family and friends. I am grateful for this beautiful country we live in and all those who currently serve and have served to give us those freedoms we enjoy everyday. Today we sang My Country Tis of Thee, we usually stand for these songs, today we sat. I was just asking my husband why we weren’t standing when Woody and Dawn stood. Thank you for standing and getting the rest of us on our feet. We have always taught our children to be respectful of our flag and our veterans. I hope they remembered this 4th of July when they were watching the parade to stand and place their hands over their hearts when the veterans came by with the flag. I hope they remembered to place their hand over their hearts while the national anthem is being played. Please remember in your travels when you see a member of the armed forces to thank them for their service to our country. We have always gotten the biggest smiles and “You’re Welcome” from those we talk to during our travels. They are always grateful to be remembered. It’s disheartening to see so many around us forget these simple gestures of respect.

I am so grateful for all that I have and the freedoms I enjoy. Thanks to my dad and step dad for serving our country so faithfully! We would not enjoy these freedoms without those brave men and women that have served our country so valiantly.

- Crystal W.




June Pulse

Madison Pulse

Employee Summer Party

• July 30, 2014
• 6-8 PM
• Rexburg Rapids
• Employee and Immediate Family only
• Tickets available through Janet Thomas in Administration – must have a ticket to be admitted
• The meal and the Pool passes will be provided by MMH in appreciation of our employees

RSVP for Employee Summer Party

New Hires

Sara D – NICU
Rachel M – LDR
Candice K – Med/Surg
Halley P – Environ. Serv.
Morgan A. – Med/Surg
Rachel H – Environ. Serv.
Kariann E – Environ. Serv.
Presley H – Environ. Serv.
Aubry R – Admitting
Brittanee Y – Respiratory

The Last LectureJoin the Book Club (July)

This month we will be having a ‘Hospital Book Club’. The book that has been selected is ‘The Last Lecture’ by Randy Pausch. The book will be available in the wellness store. All employees are invited to participate and at the end of July the book club will meet to discuss what they thought of the book. Points are earned towards Wellness Bucks, with 20 points for reading the book and 20 points for participating in the “Book Club.”

Continual Improvement Audit (June 25-26th)

I am very proud of the hospital employees for how they continually conduct themselves. Our Accreditation Body, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), came on Jun 24th and 25th to conduct a surprise survey.  We had five corrective actions from last year that they reviewed, and we were able to close four of them.  They also identified 11 other corrective actions that we need to work on.  We have already begun working on these and I anticipate that we will have little to no problems making the appropriate changes to improve these processes.  The two surveyors were very complimentary of our staff. Some of you may wonder why we go through the stress of having external auditors come in and evaluate us.  In brief, without someone looking in from the outside, we may find ourselves too comfortable so we don’t meet our Mission and Vision Statement, our three Business Pillars (which acts as our Quality Policy and our definition of how to deliver on our Mission and Vision Statements), and our Hospital Values.  If you don’t measure something, you will find that you will never accomplish it.  Some people have asked why we opt to be accredited by DNV vs. another accreditation body like the Joint Commission.  There are four accreditation bodies that have been approved by Medicare to survey hospitals, so why DNV?  It comes down to philosophy.  In May 2001, we became the 13th hospital in the United States to become certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standards and DNV has built their surveying process off the ISO standard.  ISO is not an accreditation, it is a certification.  ISO is all about continual improvement and that is what we want our accreditation body helping us do.  We recognize accreditation as a team effort and welcome the surveyors to help us identify noteworthy efforts, areas for improvement, and even corrective actions.  Evaluating each of these will advance our organization from a good to a great.  Thank you for all that you do to help us to be great!  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Nolan.

CME Program

Madison Memorial Hospital is proud to be a Accredited Continuing Medical Education site for the ACCME and IMA. What does this mean to you, not a physician? The CME program brings monthly (sometimes more) hour long presentations that are available for anyone to attend and learn more about disease processes and treatment options. The material is formatted for physician learning, however, many of the health professions find these presentations hugely beneficial. Physicians are required to obtain 40 CME hours a year to keep their license, Madison strives to find the most relevant topics that will benefit our physicians.

Caring for Cesarean Training (August)

The Family Maternity Center, Education and Surgery are excited to announce that starting the beginning of August nurses from both Surgery and Labor will be taking the AORN Periop class to become certified as Periop providers.  Nurses from both departments will start a four week intensive course on taking care of patients before and during Cesarean Section as well as recovery afterward.  This improves the “continuity of care” and the exceptional experience for the new mothers who will have the same nurse following them throughout their deliveries.  We are extremely lucky to have our own instructors on staff  in Surgery and Education who are capable of teaching this course.  We have taken on the project in the effort to improve the care and experience of our laboring patients, and at the request of the physicians. Watch for more information as this class rolls out.

Support Cancer Survivors (July 11th)Bryan Chemotherapy

The American Cancer Society hosts Relay for Life for thousands of both cancer survivors and their supporters each year. Many come just to say “I Survived” and others relay a fantastic story about survival, and the impact cancer had on their lives. Madison Memorial Hospital is proud to be a local sponsor of the event and will be one of the largest supporters this year with more than 20 participants walking. July 11th at the Madison Jr. High School tracks hundreds will gather to walk in support and celebrate the remarkable individuals that have fought cancer.

Dedicated Service

5 years
Doris F – June 3
Patsy Fowler – June 5
Rebecca A – June 22
Jessica P – June 29
Aubrie H – June 30

10 Years
Jennifer I – June 9
Denise K – June 23
Toni F – June 30
Ann M – June 30

15 Years
Linda N – June 23

20 Years
Bart S – July 25

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Music Far From Home

 Music Far From Home


PianoI’ve always used music as my own personal  salve for things that are “ailing” me.  It calms me when I’m stressed, it picks me up when I’m down, it soothes pain when I ache and it helps me forget the world when I need to escape.  It’s a beautiful gift from God that I am eternally grateful for.

Until today, I didn’t realize the effect that my music could have on others.  I had a hectic morning in Medical Records and decided to play the Foyer Piano for my lunch break.  I needed the Calm. As I was finishing, I decided to play one more piece.  I had already skipped over “Bring Him Home” from the musical Les Miserables several times, but something told me this was the piece I needed to finish with.  When I finished, I stood up, put the bench in place and stepped away. Then I heard “Miss,  Miss, the lady playing the piano”.  I turned and saw a younger Woman coming out of an admitting booth, literally trying to run towards me.  She had tears pouring down her face and I hurried over to her.  She said “That is my most favorite song in the whole world and I’m so scared right now and I needed that so much.Madison Memorial Hospital  I’m far from home and I’m so scared”.  Then she held her arms out to me and asked for a hug.  I gave her a big hug and told her that these people would take very good care of her and that she was in good hands.  She thanked me again and with tears still streaming sat down to finish her paper work.  I wished her assured her that we would take good care of her.

As I walked away, I was truly humbled that my music could have the same calming effect on others that it has on me.

- Jody

If you’d like to participate in our music therapy program, email

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Chronic Disease Self Management

Struggling with Your Health?
Madison CaretakerJoin our team to increase your quality of life in 6 weeks with a program developed by Stanford University. Register now if you, or your care giver, could benefit from any of the following results:

Most team members suffer with one of the following: Pain, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, or lung disease. Any other debilitating condition qualifies for this free program.

Click this text to learn more.

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