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Admin Update

Our second Staff Development class on “Self-Talk” went extremely well and had good attendance.  Five classes were taught and 62 people attended.  Thanks to everyone who came, and a special thanks to Jessica Curr from LDR who planned and taught the class.  During March we will discuss how to listen more effectively.  Hearing is a gift, but Listening is a talent.  We can all improve on this talent.  Teresa Murdock (Medical Staff CME Coordinator and Medical Librarian) will be teaching.





Employee News

Years of Service for March

 10 Years

Kim Shaum         Emergency

20 Years

Penny Brown     FMC

New Hires for February:

Lyndsey Fidanza Pharmacy Pharmacy Tech
Jana Black MBU RN
Edward Webb Env. Services Housekeeper
Kailey Larsen Med/Surg RN
Richard Barney MMSC RN
Dr. Clay Prince Administration CMO
Amber Steele Pharmacy Pharmacy Tech
Alejandra Fenn Env. Services Housekeeper
McKenzy Bradley HIM HIM Specialist I
McKenzie Zollinger MBU HUC

Madison’s very own Bill Whittington Retires

Here is some of his last words of advice


Madison Memorial Hospital’s Patient Portal

What do you all know about our Patient Portal?  Did you know it is part of CME Meaningful Use initiative to improve patient care.  Did you know it’s taken many, many man hours and collaboration between HIM, IT, and admitting to get it to where it is today.  However,  there is still more to do, but it’s all to help the patients at Madison Memorial Hospital have a better experience and to make their lives easier.  The bigger picture behind Patient Portal is so that patients (or parents of patients) can access their labs, discharge instructions, allergies, medications, summary of care an itemized bill and the ability to pay their bill on-line. Not only can they get it from the comfort of their own home, but it can be accessed by and from any hospital in the United States, which can only mean decreased patient errors and improved patient safety and satisfaction.  Families can utilize Patient Portal if a loved one is having regular labs performed and are making treatment decisions based on their lab values, it is so easy to access the information 24/7 to know how to treat their loved one.  So log on to Patient Portal and see how great it is for your health information needs.


Above and Beyond

Recipient: Matt Thueson

“Matt Thueson goes ‘Above and Beyond’ for his staff, the hospital employees, and patients. Matt cares about people and it shows. If somebody loses their money in the vending machine, he will get them a soda from The Paragon, even if it is not his responsibility. If it’s somebody’s birthday, he will be the first to set something up to make them feel special. If somebody needs something, he will do his best to get it for them. He is very thoughtful and takes care of people.”

Recipient: Misty Gordon

“I would like to recognize Misty for her amazing work ethic, attitude, and ability to make everyone feel important. I have worked with Misty recently and she is a pleasure to work with. She has such a good attitude that it’s contagious. She is a perfect example of the type of person we need working in healthcare because she cares about the person.”

Recipient: Lucas Handy

“Lucas has been absolutely instrumental in promoting the Biggest Loser Program. His positive attitude is contagious. His creativity and ability to ‘tell the story’ have made this program not only fun, but motivational. He has kept personal wellness at the fore-front of employees’ minds, and we are deeply appreciative for his ‘above and beyond’ effort.”


Thank you for your commitment!

Excellence Begins With Me

  Prepared by TimLucas and Toni

Photo Contest Winners

Madison Photo Contest Winners Announced

Madison Memorial Hospital held the first annual photo contest. The winners have been broken up into two categories. One is for the top three highest rated photos and the next group is for the top three number of votes.

Top 3 Rated-

 #1Idaho Sunset
#2Owl Ostrich

Top 3 # of Votes

#1Snake River ID Field
#2Moose Creek
#3Murphy Lake Pond

The winning photographers that took these pictures please email lucas.handy@mmhnet.org to tell him which business you’d like receive a $50 gift certificate from.

Prepared by Tim

Heart Month Wrap Up

American Heart Health Month comes to a close, wear red tomorrow.


We will be holding a Heart Screening Clinic on February 28th Click on the link to call and schedule your appointment.

(Spots are filled for February, only 20 more slots available March 21st)


If you’ve missed some of this month’s activities dealing with heart health here’s what you have missed:

We started the month off with “Eating Healthy With Carol” 

Lucas-Carol1Where we learned the benefits of eating healthy and EATING OUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Click on the picture for more info.






We also had Gwen’s “Secrets to Winning the Biggest Loser Contest”

IMG_1631In this presentation we learned what kind of diet and exercise everyone should adhere to and how to avoid insulin resistance and possible heart problems. Here’s a copy of all of the handouts that have helped several of our Biggest Loser winners over the last few weeks.


Halfway through February we held Dirk’s “Getting Creative with Exercise Bands”

IExercise1n this activity we discussed the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and how these exercises can improve your overall workout and physical health. For more of a follow-up click on picture.






Last week we had Susan’s “Online Secrets to Better your Health”

TeresaEducationThis event was very informative on how we can research and better understand our health. Click on the picture to get more information on Kidshealth.org and MedlinePlus.gov






We are going to finish the month off with “Madison Visits the Mediterranean”


Where Carol will explain the benefits of this diet on your heart. Click on picture to find out when and where… You’ll love the cooking class.


Time to Take Care of Me

Getting Healthy

Madison Memorial Hospital has lost 452 pounds during the last four weeks of our Biggest Loser Contest. Our biggest loser this past week was Janet. Janet lost 3.5% of her body weight last week. How did she do it?


Janet Thomas Photo

Congratulations Janet!!!

Janet has worked for Madison Memorial Hospital for 31 years. She struggles with diabetes, blood clots, and high blood pressure. Her excess weight prohibits her from many activities and aggravates health issues.

One of the biggest changes that she feels like contributes to her overall success is replacing pop with water. Her favorite pop is Diet Sunkist Orange. Her treats are now replaced with Naartjies (for further enlightenment ask Audrey Fletcher).

The next step Janet has taken is becoming more active. She has a parking permit for handicap parking but now prefers to park further away in order to stay active. She has been on a walker for 7 years. One of the things that has helped her is the following attitude:

“It is time to take care of me in order to still be alive and employed… especially to enjoy my grandchildren.”

Janet states that if you try and you succeed you have succeeded. If you try to succeed and you fail, you still have another opportunity to try to succeed.

If you missed “Online Secrets to a Healthier Life”

Here’s what we discussed


MedlinePlus is a website created for consumers by the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. It is a great resource that can help answer questions and also help you create questions as you discuss your health with your doctor. Click on the picture to go to the site.



We also discussed this great resource for understanding our kids’ health needs. It is great for adults wanting to learn about their kids’ health. It is also very interactive for kids and teens that want to learn about their own bodies. Click on picture to go the site.


Prepared by Tim.
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