Mother Baby Unit (MBU)

After your delivery, you and your baby will be moved to your own private family suite on the Mother/Baby Unit. We encourage healthy mothers and babies to enjoy the benefits of staying together, and provide this opportunity as much as you desire. Keeping moms and babies together is especially beneficial for breastfeeding mothers, because they are able to learn more about their baby’s feeding signals. Having the baby next to your bedside also allows you to respond promptly to your baby’s feeding needs and increases your chances of successful breastfeeding. Our in-house Lactation Clinic will also help you successfully breastfeed your baby, and hosts special products that you may need for this new joy.

New mothers experience changes in their bodies with the carrying and delivery of this new baby. If you experience unhealthy changes, talk with our Physical Therapy Specialist for training to help your body.


Your Mother/Baby experience includes:

  • Comfortable, beautiful suites that include a place for your birth partner to stay overnight
  • A nutrition center available 24/7 to provide snacks for you and your family
  • Mother baby bonding time
  • Personalized education for the care of you and your baby
  • A “Stork Meal” for new parents before they go home
  • Cable TV and DVD players in every room
  • A Jacuzzi for therapeutic care
  • High-speed Internet access so you can plug in your laptop to communicate with family
  • Breastfeeding support with our Certified Lactation Consultants and specially trained nurses
  • Extra security for you and your baby

This may be called the Mom Baby Unit, but dads play an important part in this hospital experience. Learn more about Dad’s Role.

If you have further questions about our programs or services, please contact us at (208) 359-9861.