Solar Eclipse – Your Hospital is Open and Prepared to Care!

Solar Eclipse Preparations

Before you and your friends were talking about the eclipse, over a year ago, Madison Memorial Hospital has been carefully planning for this event. Not only are we open this weekend, but we are prepared to care for you and all of your guests! To give you an idea, a few of the preparations are listed below:

  • Fully staffed with all E.R. doctors and surgeons on call
  • Capacity to care for about 500% more emergency victims, and partnerships with community partners for additional assistance.
  • All other positions ready and on call
  • Helicopters, if needed
  • Extra food and water

If you or your guests have an emergency, be careful in traffic! Consider taking some of the back roads to arrive at the hospital in a reasonable amount of time. Poleline Road and Barney Dairy Road are possible alternate routes. Google maps can help determine the best route for to help you beat traffic.

Madison Memorial Hospital is prepared to help you with any situation this weekend as your trusted and chosen hospital!

Stay safe and enjoy the solar eclipse!

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