About Us


 Our Mission

  Our mission is dedicated to the health and well-being of all patients of all ages and is “To provide professional and compassionate health care to those we serve.”

 Our Vision

  Our vision is “To be a first class regional healthcare provider that instills pride in the community, medical staff, and employees.” We believe this vision can    provide a brighter future for all patients. Just as we believe that each patient should have the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, we are dedicated to  providing you the opportunity to realize your full potential here at Madison Memorial Hospital.

Our promise to you is this—(1) to cultivate a challenging yet compassionate work environment, (2) to help you achieve your professional and personal goals, (3) to recognize your strong performance, (4) and to listen to your feedback and act upon it. Fulfilling this promise is how Madison Memorial Hospital will remain a great place to work. Our Hospital Values (respect and caring, integrity, initiative, and teamwork) also reinforce and strengthen our environment of compassion and service. By embracing and continually striving for Service Excellence, we are expressing, with pride, that we are an organization where patients come first.

A Healing Environment

Every day there is a new discovery in the art and science of healthcare. Exciting medical advances are taking place whether it’s a patient who undergoes a new, life-saving procedure or a clinical researcher who finds promise in a new cancer treatment or therapies for chronic health conditions.

Madison Memorial Hospital is the only county-owned, non-critical access hospital in Idaho. Madison Memorial is also a self-sustainable, non-profit hospital. Madison has 69 beds and is a full-service facility. It is on the forefront of providing evidence-based, holistic patient care and linking its community members to the most progressive physicians, treatment, and medical technology available. 

Madison Memorial has grown substantially over the years but has never lost the enduring goal of fulfilling the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of those we serve. The organization is certified to the ISO 9001-2008 standards and is accredited by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV). This is the most sought after recognition for quality outcome management by international healthcare organizations. In 2014, The Leapfrog Group, a national healthcare coalition that advocates for patient safety and improved transparency and safety in hospitals, gave Madison Memorial an “A” rating.

The hospital’s Board of Trustees and executive leadership team have set a vision to be a premier regional healthcare provider that is committed to excellence everyday as part of the patient’s healing experience.  Our Hospital’s medical staff and highly skilled nurses provide state-of-the-art and comprehensive patient-centered care through a competent, healing, and trustworthy team.  

Madison Memorial’s services include outpatient clinics, dedicated physician practice groups, and a variety of specialty areas – many are linked to nationally and internationally recognized healthcare institutions. The Hospital is clearly committed and able to provide quality healthcare to the families of our community through all of life’s stages, which creates healthier communities.

MMH is currently in the process of developing our services to include multidisciplinary Centers of Excellence in the form of a Women’s Health Institute, Oncology center, and a Cardiovascular center – each to be specially designed to meet the needs of our surrounding counties and medical provider community.

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