Dr. Rachel Gonzales CEO

Rachel Gonzales CEO

Dr. Rachel Gonzales was born in Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah; however, she was very fortunate to have spent her childhood in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. She moved back to SLC where she met her husband, Ron. They have three sons, who she reports are her best accomplishment in life. Gonzales attended undergraduate school at Westminster College obtaining her Bachelors in Nursing. Gonzales’s Masters in Nursing and Doctorate of Management were obtained from University of Phoenix. Her doctoral research was on Health Care Team Effectiveness: The Relationship of Group Emotional Competence and Team Task Interdependence.

After graduating from Westminster, Gonzales worked as a Home Care/Hospice Case Manager. She quickly advanced through the ranks of management, serving for a number of years as a Chief Nursing Officer. Gonzales became the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Memorial in 2012. Her leadership philosophy is simple: “maintain your integrity at all costs”; and “always remember you are only as good as those who are around you”.

Other professional adventures Gonzales has been involved include consulting privately with health care institutions, a professional speaker, President of regional and state organizations, as well as an online professor for graduate and doctoral institutions.

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