Teresa Murdock 20 Years

Teresa Murdock 20 Years

Madison Memorial Hospital is proud to recognize our long-term employees that have helped Madison fly high with years of selfless service, dedication, and growth. Teresa Murdock recently reached 20 years of service at Madison Memorial Hospital.

One of her fondest memories while here at Madison Memorial Hospital happened years ago. She helped plan the employee summer lunch party at a nearby park. They wanted this party to be very special. As a result, many activities were coordinated. After all of their preparation, a huge thunder storm rolled in and spoiled their plans. At the last minute all the employees moved everything in doors.

The Karaoke machine, food items and everything were now in doors. The fun had just begun. Murdock, Steiner, and a few other people joined in singing What a Wonderful World for all the employees on the karaoke machine. The hearts of

Teresa Murdock flies 20 years with Madison Memorial Hospital

many were touched. Tears were shed, and positive memories were shared. The storm did not spoil anything.

We have a wonderful staff. We appreciate everything that each of you do to make Madison a great place to be!


Madison Ensures Community Immunity

-Madison Increases Health Through Community Immunity-

Rexburg Community Immunity

When a critical portion of a community is immunized against a contagious disease, most members of the community are protected against it because there is little opportunity for an outbreak.

Call 359-6591 to enroll your company in our community immunity efforts. In Rexburg, Madison employees receive annual influenza immunizations. We have also been providing the employees at Basic American Food with blood pressure checks and influenza vaccinations for multiple years. They requested these services for an employee health benefit. We administer these vaccines for nearly the cost of the vaccine. It is an optional benefit that most employees take advantage of. Others like to visit us to get their blood pressure checked. Furthermore, Madison will immunize our school district with flu vaccinations at the end of the month. If you have not received a shot, please visit a local flu clinic. if you would like Madison to help your organization’s immunity, call 359-6591.


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State of Idaho

Idaho Health Care Reform Health Insurance

Idaho Healthcare Reform Health Insurance

Idaho has implemented the Health Care Reform Health Insurance Exchange. Madison Memorial Hospital is available to help you sign up for the insurance. Please call the hospital at 359-6900 and ask for extension 5533 to set up an appointment time. We will make this transition more smooth for you and your family.

State of Idaho


Act Against Breast Cancer

– Act Against Breast Cancer –

Teton Radiology and Madison Memorial Hospital combine with local business and the community to take action against breast cancer.The Brake for Breakfast Breast Cancer Awareness event was a success! Volunteers, Sponsors, and Donations pulled together to make this event fun for our community. In the past, Idaho has ranked low in taking prevention measures for this malignant tragedy. With the help of everyone, we can stay more healthy with annual screens for women above 40, or any with this genetic disposition. Thousands of dollars were donated to this event. 1,500 individuals received free breakfast, and a pink gift. KUPI, the local radio station, and the Standard Journal helped with publicity. Thousands of dollars were donated to giveaways including weekend vacations to King Mountain Dude Ranch and an Idaho Luxury Cabin, Free 6 inch subway coupons, Fat cats Movie & Bowling Passes, and much more. We live in a wonderful and generous community. Check with your friends and family to ensure they are taking the proper prevention steps through screening!

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