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Madison Emergency
Madison Memorial Hospital has a skilled team for urgency care in Rexburg, Idaho. We have the ability to handle complex situations with our staff of 25 rotating nurses, a physician in the E.R. at all times, and specialists on call. Each week we care for many of our friends and family in the community. Our goal is to help you in the best possible way through superior emergency response and treatment.

On call Specialists:
– Orthopedics
– Cardiologist


Emergency Service – We care for you!

Rexburg Hospital Emergency CareAs a community owned and focused hospital we care for each of our patients like our kin. This concern leads to exceptional quality emergency training and services. Rexburg is cold, to keep our patients out of the elements while transporting between the ambulance and the emergency department, we built an ambulance port. When one comes to the Emergency Department in an ambulance, their bodies are already shocked. Having an ambulance bay is one of the many little things we do to help your recovery. Our new MRI Machine has better imaging, increased exam speed, and patient comfort, the first in Southeastern Idaho. Furthermore, Rexburg does not have a pharmacy open all night. Hence, Madison Memorial has invested in a prescription dispensing machine called Instymed so you can return home prepared for the night with the right medicine. We were one of the first in Idaho to use this machine. Madison is also known for short waiting times.



What to Expect

We have urgent care patients to serve always. If you have symptoms, and you are wondering if you should still come in. Please refer to the itriage application by clicking on the symptoms button above. The link allows you to click on the area that hurts, then will tell you a few probable causes. It will then give you the recommendation to come in or not. This application may be helpful, but does not replace an actual Physician. When in doubt, come in.
If you stay at our Emergency Department tests are generally performed to determine the severity of your ailment. Gathering tests results from a professional can take some time. Accurate diagnosis, and prescribing a proper plan is individually determined. If your stay is longer than you had planned please be patient.


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Madison Emergency Department
450 E. Main St. 1st Floor
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 359-6592