Madison Memorial Pharmacy

Photo of Hospital Pharmacy
Medication is often a necessary part of your recovery which is why Madison Memorial Hospital has one of the most extensive pharmacies in our area. Our staff uses the latest electronic tools and applications available to assist our pharmacists in dispensing your medication in a safe and accurate manner.

The Pharmacy Department uses a number of specialized technologies to improve medication safety. Five areas that have recently been added in the last several years include:

 Omnicell Automated Dispensing Cabinets

These advanced computerized cabinets allow for decentralized dispensing of medication throughout the facility. They are used to reduce medication errors, improve security, reduce diversion, and increase inventory control.

Patient Barcode Scanning of Medication at Bedside

All of the medications dispensed from the pharmacy now contain barcodes that are scanned by the nurses prior to administering them. This assures that the right drug is given to the right patient at the right dose and at the correct time.

Smart Pump Technology

Madison Memorial Hospital has purchased $300,000 in Smart Pump Technology. These advanced intravenous (IV) pumps each contain a drug library which is used to eliminate serious IV medication compatibility errors and eliminates accidental under-dosing or over-dosing of a patient. 

Positive Pressure Room
We have a positive pressure room, which contains a Laminar Air Flood Hood (LAF) used for sterile preparation of IVs and supplies. These rooms comply with the newest USP 797 quality management guidelines.

Negative Pressure Room
The pharmacy also has a negative pressure room with a vertical chemotherapy hood. Chemotherapy medications (anti-cancer drugs) are aseptically prepared by the pharmacy in this negative pressure room. Our staff consists of both licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, which allows them to provide 24 hour coverage.

**The Madison Memorial Hospital Pharmacy does not have a retail pharmacy license and therefore can only serve those that are patients within the facility.**