Safety & Quality Information

Madison Memorial Hospital is accredited with DNV. DNV is an accrediting body for hospitals that monitors hospital performance by high standards of care. Madison has followed these standards since their inception. We continually monitor our progress, and perform periodical audits by our directors and by DNV, to stay compliant with DNV standards.


ISO Certification

Recently, DNV complimented Madison Memorial for exceptional performance improvement. Claiming that we were one of the only hospitals that had taken almost every measure for improvement. We have been accredited by DNV since July 2009. The most recent re-certification took place on July 30, 2015.
Certificate of Accreditation


Hospital Compare has information about the quality of care at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals across the country. You can use Hospital Compare to find hospitals and compare the quality of their care.

Center for Medicare(aid) Services – CMS

Madison Memorial Hospital is also monitored by its compliance to CMS best practices, or core measures. These measures are specific to a diagnosis. It looks at the following areas:

  1. Acute Myocardial infraction – Heart Attack
  2. Heart Failure
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Stroke
  5. Surgery – Hip Replacement/Revision, Knee Replacement/Revision, Surgeries, Vaginal/Abdominal Hysterectomies
  6. Immunizations – Pneumonia & Influenza
  7. Emergency Department Timing – Four measures in Emergency Department Timing
  8. Pain Management for long bone fractures
  9. Venus Thromboembolism – Blood Clots
  10. Elective Inductions

In the 2nd quarter of 2013, with Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Chest Pain we were 100% compliant with CMS best practices. We are 99% compliant with the surgery measure. For the Emergency Department, we are significantly lower than the national average. In timing, we are almost twice as responsive to our patients than the national average. utilizes these measurements. However, their data is 9-months behind our information.