Diabetes/Diabetes Classes


Diabetes Resource Center

Madison Memorial Hospital has a dedicated diabetes management program recognized by the American Diabetes Association. Education for all types of diabetes or insulin resistance is available on an outpatient basis. Medicare and Medicaid, along with many other insurance policies, will pay for diabetes education. A doctor may refer a patient for education, or an individual may refer himself/herself.

Diabetes Education Classes

MMH offers diabetes education classes taught by a Certified Diabetes Educator who explains the cause and treatment for diabetes, the effects of medications, how to monitor blood sugar, as well as how to incorporate activity into a diabetes plan. An individualized food plan will also be created for each client based on his/her own needs. Simple ideas for lifestyle changes are available too. Please call (208) 359-6524 to make an appointment.

Insulin Resistance Education Classes

Our monthly Insulin Resistance education classes discuss the cause and treatment of Insulin Resistance and Diabetes. During the class a registered dietitian develops an individualized meal plan is developed for each person with Insulin Resistance who is attending. To attend the class, there is a $25.00 fee per person diagnosed with Insulin Resistance or Diabetes. Other family members or support people are encouraged to attend free of charge. To sign-up for our next class or for more information, please call (208) 359-6524.

Weight Management Program

Madison Memorial Hospital offers a Registered Dietitian for outpatient education for any diet related medical problem. This weight maintenance program (for losing or gaining weight) includes diet and activity counseling as well as ideas for lifestyle changes. MMH currently charges a one-time fee of $137.75 for the program, which allows a patient to work with the dietitian on an as needed basis for up to six months. Medicaid will cover this program for some individuals. Please call (208) 359-6522 or (208) 359-6524 for more information or to schedule an appointment.