Wellness Conference: Connecting Your Head and Heart

There are many parts to wellness. The Wellness Conference will cover PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicide, trauma, and many more aspects to help people find wholeness and wellness in their lives.

The Wellness Conference is free for our community to help each of us understand and reach wellness goals. Madison Memorial Hospital, the City of Rexburg, Madison School District (Madison Cares), BYUI, and other awesome entities that are a part of our community are united and focused on our wellness. Surveys have been conducted, healthcare reports have been analyzed, and together we have decided from your feedback to put together this conference. With this collaboration, we were able to offer this event for free with some excellent presenters.

The Wellness Conference will be held October 21, 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Madison High School.

Make wellness a first priority, and come to grow!

For more information, you can visit https://head-heart.org/


Madison Receives ‘Best Theme’ Award for 4th of July Float

Celebrating Independence Day as a Community

On Tuesday morning, the streets of Rexburg were lined with families and friends in celebration of America and Rexburg’s 88th annual Independence Day parade. Madison Memorial Hospital’s 4th of July float glistened with shimmering stars, waves of red, white and blue, and a giant bald eagle. The bald eagle was selected as a symbol for the nation in 1782 and is a fitting symbol for Madison Memorial as it represents the strength and long life the hospital strives to provide for community members. In the parade, Madison’s float was awarded “Best Theme.” Over 90 floats participated in the parade, each celebrating the community and country in their own way. Following the parade, Rexburg’s Celebration in the Park provided many festivities for community members at Porter Park. Madison Memorial Hospital appreciates being part of such a patriotic and united community.