Home Recovery


Home Recovery

Your physician will decide when you are ready to be discharged from the hospital, and will inform the care provider staff to make the appropriate arrangements. As you are preparing to be discharged, please pick up any valuables that you may have in the hospital safe. Your nurse will assist you in gathering your belongings and make sure that you return home with all of the items that you had upon arrival at to Madison Memorial Hospital. Wheelchair transportation is required to your car.

A responsible adult needs to be available to provide transportation to your home. If this is not possible, Madison Memorial Hospital will make every effort to help you coordinate your transportation with an outside service provider. Should you experience difficulties with transportation, please notify your nurse and a Case Manager will assist you.

At Home

If a Home Health nurse or other healthcare provider has been arranged to visit you in your home following your discharge, you will be informed of this by your nurse or the Case Manager. If home care services are not provided as planned, please call extension 4601 or 4602 and let the Case Manager know, so that further arrangements can be made.

Should you experience any condition that causes you concern or alarm, contact your physician immediately. Our Emergency Department is always open, and should you be unable to contact your physician or if you feel your condition needs immediate attention, please arrange for a responsible adult to bring you to the Emergency Department or call 911.

Discharge Planning

The Case Management Department has information on many community resources that are available to assist you following your discharge from the hospital. A list of community resources can be obtained by calling the Case Management Department at extension 4601 or 4602.

If you would like, one of our Case Managers can provide you with information about Home Healthcare, medical equipment needs, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, transportation, Meals on Wheels, and other community resources. Assistance with questions regarding Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, Social Security, State Disability and Workman’s Compensation can also be provided.

Your Bill

As a courtesy to our patients, we will be happy to bill your insurance carrier for you. If the insurance carrier delays payment, please make arrangements for full payment of your account. Please make sure Madison Memorial Hospital Business Office has all the needed information before you leave the hospital. We will verify your insurance coverage either prior to or during your stay. Based upon this verification process, we may ask you for a deposit upon discharge that is calculated based on your estimated charges. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card, personal check, or cash to meet this payment. You will receive a statement after your insurance has paid, and an itemized statement is available upon request. If you have any questions about your bill, please contact our Business Office at (208) 359-6700 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Professional Physician Billing

Depending upon your insurance plan, physicians involved in your care may bill you separately from Madison Memorial Hospital. These physicians can include anesthesiologists, surgeons, cardiologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other specialists. If you have any questions regarding these bills, you should call their billing offices directly at the telephone numbers listed on the statement sent to you.

Case Management

Case Management is a member of the Health Care Team which helps other departments in their roles, and to provide assistance in discharging patients. Ensuring that quality care is given to all patients, Case Management is involved with other areas of the hospital that discuss the status of all our patients, including length of stays and the patient’s ability to pay for their hospital stay. They provide information to your insurance company and Medicaid to help in justifying your hospital stay. Patients with no insurance are referred to Patient Financial Services for assistance.

Case Managers communicate with patients, physicians, nurses, providers, and payers to help bridge the gap that can sometimes occur. Case Managers interview patients and family members to identify those who are at high risk of encountering difficulties following discharge from the hospital, and ensures that patients and their families are involved in the discharge planning process as soon as possible after admission.

Case Managers advocate, maintain compliance, and educate patients on their discharge planning needs. These services may include options for Inpatient/Outpatient Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Home Health, Hospice, Medical Equipment, IV Therapy, Assisted Living, Transportation, and more. They try to help patients with their continuing healthcare after discharge from the hospital to promote patient safety and continuation of quality care.

Case Managers are an information and referral source, and are available as a Notary upon request. They can also help arrange follow-up services for patients struggling with substance abuse, suicide intentions, and other mental health issues. MMH offers grief counseling and strives to resolve any problems or concerns that may arise during your hospital stay.