Health Information Management (HIM/Medical Records)

Patients may request a copy of their medical records at any time by using an Authorization to Release Medical Information form and either mailing or bringing the completed form to the HIM Department. For your convenience, you can print out a copy of our Authorization to Release Medical Information form here:

1. Release of Medical Information form (English)

2. Release of Medical Information form (Español)

Restrictions to Relatives’ Access

Federal law prohibits parental access to medical records without written permission from the patient once that patient turns 18 years of age. Husbands/Wives are NOT allowed to view or access medical information for each other without written permission from the patient.
Requests for actual radiology films must be requested through the Radiology Department by calling (208) 359-6508.
There is a nominal charge associated with copying records, so please call ahead to find out the number of pages and the total charges accumulated with a request. We cannot always immediately produce a record. If it has been more than three years since the visit, we will have to order it from our off-site storage facility. This may take up to two weeks. We do not fax health information to personal faxes or emails. If you need the information urgently, have your physician request the records, and we will fax it directly to the physician’s office.

Birth Certificates
Madison Memorial Hospital cannot provide a birth certificate for you. You must order all birth certificates for a nominal fee from Vital Statistics at (208) 334-5988. The HIM department files the birth certificate information with Vital Statistics in Boise based on the information filled out by the parents in the Certificate of Birth Information worksheet. HIM has 15 days from the date of birth to report this information to Vital Statistics. The department makes every effort to contact the parents if the worksheet has been filled out incorrectly or is missing information before sending it to Vital Statistics; however, after all efforts have been made, the data will be sent to Vital Statsics as filled out.
Vital Statistics will send parents a form for you to verify your identity and you may request a birth certificate at that time. Please make sure you read and verify this information carefully.

Patient Portal
Need help setting up your Patient Portal account? Click here for the Patient Portal Set Up Guide.