Patient stay and recovery


Patient Stay & Recovery

If your hospitalization requires that you stay overnight at the hospital, you will be cared for in the Madison Memorial Hospital Medical Surgery Unit.

This is a post-operative care unit designed to accommodate your needs during your stay. All of our rooms are single patient suites, and we always have experienced and caring nurses available to help you.

Also, if necessary, we will provide physical therapy directly to your room to aid you in your recovery process. We also support an open door policy in this unit. If you have any concerns regarding your care, our department director will happily visit your room to discuss them.


During your stay, you will be visited by a dietitian that will help you plan your meals. Your diet, like the medications, treatment, and diagnostic tests prescribed by your doctor, is an important part of the healing process. Your doctor will order a specific diet during your stay. For this reason, no food should be brought in from the outside or from the Paragon Café without approval.

If you have any questions about your diet, please check with your doctor or nurse. The hospital dietitian will also be happy to instruct you about the details of your diet as a medical treatment. Our dietary department is exceptional with healthy food; however, your comments and suggestions as our clients are wanted.

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